Beware of loan scammers (IMPORTANT)


It has been brought to our attention that an online scam took place last week targeting several people in which the scammers cold called people using our company name as
well as other company names to scam people out of money. We are not sure how these scams actually work but here is some information taken from the action fraud site about how these scams work:

“Loan scams happen when a victim is asked to pay an upfront fee for a loan.

A person will typically reply to an advert for a fast loan and will have their application approved regardless of their credit history. Before they receive the loan, they are told them must pay an upfront fee to cover insurance for the loan.

Once this fee is paid, the victim does not hear from the company again and the loan is never received.

Loan scams are a type of advance fee fraud.

Fraud has been committed when money has been lost.”

For more information visit the action fraud police department here: